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Unforgettable Fuck 2019

Models Carlos Leão, David Chacon. When our bottom newbie David Chacon visited Carlos Leão at home, he didn't know yet that he was going to get the best fuck of his life! Like a real nasty boy David reaches Carlos on the sofa and provokes him, lying down and showing his perfect bubble ass. Our Brazilian super topmate takes care of Chacon asshole for a while and then pulls his underwear down, while David kneels down in adoration: when the monster thick cock bounces out our Latin rookie devours it inch after inch and gets his mouth fucked hard. The sucking session lasts for long time but soon Carlos decides it's time for his new friend to take an unforgettable bareback ride. The huge dick slides easily inside David's horny hole and Carlos pumps it all the way in with no mercy. With his bottom in total ecstasy, Leão reaches his climax and explodes a thick load of fresh cum down Chacon’s thirsty throat!

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