There’s A Party In Liam’s Ass

Fuck Me Deeper Part 1 – There's A Party In Liam's Ass – Will and Liam have been waiting to meet Dolf Dietrich and his partner Drew Sebastian for a long while now. With luck, these two hot men were traveling nearby and made for the perfect opportunity to get to know them. Will quickly connects with the towering 6'5" Dolf, topping his tight smooth hole while Drew connects with Liam and mauls the musclecub's hole with his monster 10×7 cock. Drew blows his load across Liam's stomach and chest, then burying the load into Liam's fuckhole. Liam pulls Drew up and cleans his cock sucking every last drop out of the massive hole digger. Will and Dolf fuck at Drew and Liam's side; Dolf reaching to connect with his partner during the breeding. Side by side the two newest members of the pack bond – beautiful partners with Dad and his son.

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