Ransom & Regan – Serviced

Regan was certainly ready to get rubbed! His cock was starting to stand at attention as he walked over to the table. Once he is on the table, Ransom expertly oils him up and zeros in on his hairy ass. Regan's cock looks like it is ready to bust just from the slightest of touches! Doggie-style with his ass in the air, Ransom fingers Regan, while jerking his cock aggressively. Ransom flips him over and sucks his cock like the pro that he is. Regan starts playing with Ransom's dick. Ransom straddles him so they can both suck each other's cocks. But as it turns out, Regan was more interested in Ransom's ass! Stay tuned after the credits for a quick OutTake! Ransom sits on his face and then dumps his load all over Regan's cock. He slides off the table and pulls the nut out of Regan, using his own cum as lube!

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