Quite the Package (Kaleb Cross, Nick Danner)

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Slim twink Nick Danner can't look away when gorgeous young delivery guy Kaleb Cross arrives at his door with a special package, and we're not just talking about the box he's dropping off. Some hot and steamy BoyFun is always on his mind, and it seems quite obvious that fit young Kaleb likes to show off his big bulge and entice all those who might enjoy it. Nick is soon exploring the impressive package his guest has, Kaleb welcoming his customer's attention with a kiss. As soon as Nick is sure his new friend is willing that impressively thick shaft of hard uncut cock is revealed from tight spandex and slipping between his eager lips. It truly is a magnificent cock, one Nick can't seem to get enough of as he licks and slurps the engorged shaft, savoring the constant dribble of precum leaking from the helmet. We get the impression this handsome delivery boy is more than a little experienced when it comes to customer service. He can't wait to get his own mouth on Nick's juicy tool, fingering the boy's tight pucker and sucking on those loose nuts too before easing his engorged ram rod into the very snug opening. It's a good thing Kaleb cycles for a living, his legs can keep him going for a while as he pumps his incredible bareback cock in and out of that perfect little ass, giving Nick the kind of pounding delivery every horny boy needs and finishing up with a double helping of cream. Something tells me young Nick is going to be ordering a lot more to be delivered after meeting this thick courier cock for the first time.

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