Military Classified – Jessie 4

Today I'm bringing back one of my newer releases who has been making a big splash on the website and his name is JESSIE. This Cuban American former Marine is back to create mayhem on Rob's ass with an intimacy that is confusing for a straight guy and Rob just sucks it all up!

Once we made our way into the bedroom, Jessie jumped on the bed and laid out with his legs hanging over the bed… hmm.. wonder what's next? I did a real nice number on Jessie's feet to start the movie out and you will catch it all on Rob's cut. This didn't stop Rob from sucking Jessie's cock though and it wasn't long before he was rock hard and ready for what's next.

Soon, Jessie had his hands all over Rob's ass and it wasn't long before he was playing with Rob's balls and cock. It didn't take long before Rob was spread eagle over Jessie's body with Rob's ass right in his face.. i'm sure you know what happened next.

Ass munching actually went well despite that fact that we didn't discuss that part of the scene up front. Jessie displayed talents like a champ and I was actually surprised at how well this boy an eat an ass. He told me after that it wasn't his ideal situation to be in but he wanted to make sure I was satisfied with the scene. What a guy!

All this lead to some fucking that was both intimate and reciprocal taking Rob in both doggie and missionary positions and fucking like there was no tomorrow. Rob's ass must have been tight because it wasn't long before Jessie was delivering his load straight up Rob's ass. Cream Pie Friday!

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