Lay Of Pigs (Roman and Elian)

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Well this is a pairing that's needed to happen for some time, and now it is! And the sexual energy between these two at the outset, and how this episode starts off, makes it obvious Elian and Roman also felt this episode has needed to happen for awhile! When they first met, they immediately bonded over their shared Cuban heritage, and also immediately bonded over their mutual attraction and shared sexual energy (indeed, immediately after this episode we were all talking about how wild, intense, passionate, and even raunchy it was. That brought about the "lay of pigs" reference from someone, a round of laughter, and we had our title)! Prepare to sit back and watch two masters in passionate, sultry, intense seduction go at it! The eye contact alone at the start of the action here was so incredibly hot – oh, to be either Roman or Elian, on the receiving end of those stares from the other! And oh, to be Roman, on the receiving end of the masterful blowjob Elian delivers! Oh, to be Elian, on the receiving end of the rimming Roman gives him! What makes every bit of the action here that much hotter is all of the kissing throughout – every time these two make out, we see just how in to one another they are. But hey, I'm gonna shut up now because you need to not be reading this, and instead get to watching this episode right now. It is mindblowingly hot – and you absolutely have to stick around to the very end as it really will blow your mind.

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