Kirkland, the hot daddy jerks his gigantic dick!

Kirkland is a hot daddy type! He has kids and works in the fitness industry. He seems like a stable guy. At 33 he has had only two long term relationships, and does not like to be single. And he just recently single again, but vows to not jump into another relationship right away. It is 'me' time for him. Since he is in such great shape, and has a 9" cock, he thought maybe he could pick up some extra money doing a solo and oral, and would see about doing more at later date.

Just dipping the tip of his ginormous cock in the porn pool! I hope he does come back. With a hot body, amazing cock, and great sexual energy, I will be sad if he doesn't at least come back and fuck a guy. The dude was very turned on during the shoot, so definitely a natural exhibitionist. We just need to move past his limits. He will be back next week to see if someone else can make that big gun spurt! In the meantime, he handles his tool like a pro and showers himself with his own cum!

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