A Royal Fuckfest 2 Paul Walker, Mike de Marko

Paul Walker indifference upset his princess finds solace (comfort or find it) in the face (mouth and not only) of his faithful servant Makya DeMarco. He knows how to deal with the royal "regalia." But when our hapless Prince just does not come across it came unexpectedly Princesa (I'd also escaped from such a servant), he tries to keep a straight face, while his servant polishes full royal scepter. Paul Walker is frustrated as his princess is neglecting him, but luckily for him, one of his royal servants knows just how to take a throbbing royal dick. When the princess shows up unexpectedly, the prince is caught with his big erect dick in his servant's mouth. He tries desperately to keep his composure as he get sucked with his princess only steps away.

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